I am a futurist and designer. Founder of FutuHub. I want to make the world a better place by helping people get ready for the future, so that it wouldn't arrive unexpectedly. I encourage all of us to design the future the way we want it to be. My areas are futures foresight, alternative scenarios, service design, design thinking and business analysis. I am a political scientist and interaction designer by education. For a long time I have been a communications manager and consultant - an experience that helps navigate even the most complex situations.

We have co-operated with Madeleine since 2006 on the "Estonia's Best Food Product" contest as well as solving critical issues Estonian food industry is facing. Our co-operation has always been professional, focused, fruitful and fun. 
Sirje Potisepp, CEO of Estonian Food Producers' Association

PR srvices are always personal and related to trust and responsibility. All this, Estonian Equestrian Federation has received from Madeleine.
Siim Nõmmoja, Secretary General of Estonian Equestrian Association
Madeleine has received only the best feedback from our "Healthcare Managers' Training Programme" participants on her communications training. We have extended our co-operation to other training prorammes for business clients. 
Mare Tolli, Client Relations Manager of Estonian Business School Management Centre